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Dropbox Admits To User Data Theft, Bolsters Security

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Dropbox Admits To User Data Theft, Bolsters Security

Dropbox has confirmed that a security breach has resulted in a number of users' log-in details—including username and passwords—being stolen by hackers, possibly by accessing a third-party website and then using that data to login to Dropbox. One of the affected users was actually a Dropbox employee, and this person's account contained a list of users' email addresses. It's this specific hack that's being blamed for email spam attacks affecting some Dropbox users beginning in mid-July. The site has contacted those of its clients it believes to have been affected, and has also instigated a stricter security regimen, including an automatic suspicious behavior detector and a two-step log-in.

Dropbox recently rewarded early users of its ever-growing cloud storage service with a free service upgrade and doubled the size of its pro-level storage space, and has been in the news thanks to its continuing success. The site's hack will throw a spotlight on the security protections of cloud storage in general as firms from Amazon to Apple broaden their cloud efforts.

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