Facebook Adding Time-Shift “Save” For Later Facility To Updates

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Facebook has very quietly added a new feature to its mobile apps that lets users click and hold anywhere on a status update to activate a “save” function that specially tags a long article in order that it can be accessed easily at a later moment. The function seems to act a little like the well-known Instapaper app that is handy for marking long-form web pages in order that they can be quickly accessed later in the day when a user has more time to read them, and it’s also been confirmed by that the new system will be coming to Facebook’s main web service too. The system seems aimed squarely at user convenience, keeping a Facebook client engaged in an article found within the social network where previously it may have been left unread due to time constraints and the inconvenience of relocating the same piece of writing later in the day in someone’s cluttered Timeline.


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