After South Korea Telecom Hack, 8.7 Million Customers’ Details Sold To Telemarketers

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South Korea’s KT Telecom has suffered a protracted months-long hack attack that has seen hackers gain access to 8.7 million of its customers–about half its entire user base. Names, ID numbers, and phone numbers were taken by the hackers and then sold to telemarketers. Two hackers made around $880,000 in profits from the hack and sale. Both of the hackers and seven individuals who’d bought the data have now been arrested, which is why the event has been revealed to the world in the form of an official apology from KT to the public, and it’s not expected that the data was used for more than the telemarketing stunt. But it’s significant for being one of the few hack attacks that was used for profit, and also that led to arrests. KT’s stock price has fallen in the time since the news was announced.


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