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Pebble Inspires Another Smartwatch Kickstarter

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Pebble Inspires Another Smartwatch Kickstarter

Pebble has company. A new smartwatch called Strata has been hoisted onto Kickstarter by its maker, MetaWatch. Strata is compatible with Android and iOS 6 and will launch in September this year if all goes well. (That was Pebble's shipping deadline too, but the company announced this week that it is pushing that back.) It's the latest of MetaWatch's experiments in wrist accessories—earlier models were made while MetaWatch was a part of Fossil. The main reason Strata is getting rolling then is that iOS 6 allows an iPhone to beam text messages over bluetooth to other devices (and potentially the Strata), watchmaker Bill Geiser told The Verge. Pebble's incredible success on Kickstarter influenced MetaWatch's decision to ask the Internet to contribute to Strata's development, Geiser admitted. But while it's true that Pebble's success has served as a model for other smartwatch makers, it was earlier trials by people like Geiser and MetaWatch that got Pebble rolling in the first place.

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