10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

Here are the most read stories this week from Fast Company, Co.Create, Co.Design, Co.Lead, and Co.Exist.


Someone somewhere once wrote that celebrities, they’re just like us. Artist Danny Evans took the adage to its most literal extreme in what became the most popular story of the week on the Fast Company network. See Co.Design’s story below to find out what Jennifer Anniston, Jay-Z, and other stars would look like as hefty, middle-aged common folk. 


Also this week, a captain of a nuclear sub gave us tips on leadership language; we went deep inside an office built for people who’d rather be outside; and awarded street artist Banksy the gold medal for graffiti. Here’s the full rundown of what you might have missed.

Jennifer Aniston

1. What Jennifer Aniston And Beyonce Would Look Like As Ugly Regular People


Check out what Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jennifer Aniston, and others would look like if they weren’t celebrities … with personal trainers.

Banksy Olympic Graffiti


As Authorities Crack Down, Banksy Enters The Olympic Graffiti Games


Check out some incredible Olympics-inspired graffiti from the infamous Banksy.

Man Watching Video


Why Short-Form Video Is The Future Of Marketing

Fast Company

Kerrin Sheldon shares his thoughts on why short clips are the way of the foreseeable future.

Outdoor Office


An Office Created For People Who Would Rather Be Outside


An office for those who hate offices.

Old Pillar


A British Town Tries To Reinvent Itself For Tourists, Via Branding


Find out how a town with medieval roots rebranded itself for the modern era.

Sub Captain


A Submarine Captain On The Power Of Leadership Language

Fast Company

Captain David Marquet of the USS Santa Fe brings you leadership lessons from the bottom of the ocean.

Foot Powered Washing Machine


How A Foot-Powered Washing Machine Could Change Millions Of Lives


Check out the foot-powered washing machine that works like a salad spinner and will change lives around the world.

Ideo Electric Bike


Kickstarting: IDEO’s Ultra-Elegant, Retro-Cool Electric Bike


IDEO and Kickstarter have crafted a modern marvel of a bike. Just be careful of sticker shock.

Mark Zuckerberg

9. Facebook’s Social Pivot

Fast Company

Adam Penenberg dissects Mark Zuckerberg’s world-changing pivot.


Wacom’s Massive, $3,700 Tablet For Designers


Check out the 24″ tablet that’s perfect for designers and artists.

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