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OUYA Finds A Gaming Buddy In OnLive

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OUYA Finds A Gaming Buddy In OnLive

The Android-based gaming console OUYA has found a gaming parter in OnLive. OnLive delivers games to a multitude of devices through its cloud-based system and is opening up its library to OUYA's platform. OUYA has proved itself quite the Kickstarter hit (funding so far has piled up to a little over $5.57 million) even as a preproduction concept—in fact it only just released images of what its console will actually look like when it becomes available in 2013 for $99. With its controller and console, OUYA looked poised to take advantage of a whole slew of apps and games made for the Android smartphones and tablets. Access to OnLive's library of on-demand games (from 80 publishers) adds a nice extra selection to that buffet. 

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