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Fab Rolls Out Mobile Sharing Features, Facebook Connect

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Fab Rolls Out Mobile Sharing Features, Facebook Connect

Fab's mobile users, who drive 30 to 40% of the shopping site's daily traffic, are twice as likely as web-based users to make a purchase. And shoppers who use the site's social features, such as the Live Feed that shows what people are purchasing in real time, buy twice as much as those who don't. So it makes sense that Fab is adding a host of social features to its mobile app, which it launches as Fab 3.0 for Mobile today. It's also adopting Facebook Connect, so users who were previously able to see what their Facebook friends were buying on Fab can now also log into the site through Facebook. Fab, which now has 5.5 million users, says more than 20% of its daily traffic comes from social channels.

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