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Mountain Lion Sighting At The Mac App Store

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Mountain Lion Sighting At The Mac App Store

Mountain Lion, the newest operating system from Apple named after a stern-looking wild cat, is out at a Mac App Store near you and downloadable for $19.99. The new OS integrates applications on the Mac with those on Apple's iPhone and iPad iOS even tighter than its predecessor Lion did—its iMessage messaging service, for example, is making a debut on the Mac in a big way. The update is likely to go well if last year's Lion release is any indication—in fact, 9to5Mac reports that some early downloaders are already running into issues. Last June was the first time Apple released an OS update over the air, and Lion was downloaded more than 1 million times on its first day out. Apple's next mobile OS iOS 6 should also do rippingly well in terms of adoption, when it arrives in the Fall—the last iOS update hit 61 percent adoption in just fifteen days. 

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