Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Banned In EU As Apple Wins Case

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In what may prove to be the most significant part of the IP fight between Apple and Samsung yet, an appeals court in Dusseldorf has decided that Apple’s claims that Samsung copied its designs for the iPad have enough validity to result in a ban of a Samsung product both in Germany and the greater European Union. The court decided that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 infringes Apple patents from 2004. But Apple had been trying to include the Galaxy Tab 10.1N in the same ruling–the redesigned tablet variant that resulted from a previous Samsung loss–and the court decided this argument didn’t hold. Thus it seems likely that Samsung will try a simple redesign of the 7.7-inch Tab along similar lines, which may appease the courts enough. Nevertheless it’s a significant win for Apple in what is becoming a very protracted battle.


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