DOJ Will Proceed With E-book Settlement Against Apple, Publishers

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Via PaidContent: The Department of Justice announced today that it will keep as-is the settlement it imposed on Apple and five publishers in a hotly debated legal standoff involving the pricing of e-books. After a series of investigations, in the spring of this year, the DOJ filed an anti-trust case against Apple and five publishers for uncompetitively setting the price of e-books too high. The motion drew out an extensive backlash from Apple and its publishing partners, with some, like the Authors Guild, arguing that the settlement would further increase Amazon’s existing dominance in the e-book selling space. The anti-DOJ sentiments grew to include political voices like New York senator Chuck Schumer, who vented his disapproval in a Wall Street Journal opinion column in mid-June. The DOJ today published a document addressing the 868 public comments it recieved in response to the settlement, saying that it wouldn’t budge.

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