iZettle Card Reader Begins Beta Tests Of An Android App

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iZettle, a two-year old Swedish company called the “Square of Europe” is launching an Android app in beta to follow its iOS model already out in the wild. iZettle’s beta test is in partnership with Samsung, and accessed through an app in Samsung’s Apps store. Though it is currently only available for Samsung Galaxy models and the Samsung Note in Sweden, iZettle says they are working on extending the Android compatibility beyond Sweden, and beyond Samsung’s phones. Like the Square reader, the iZettle dongle reads credit card information for a smartphone, but, as TheNextWeb explains, the tech inside can read data off the highly secure chip found in most European cards, rather than access the old-fashioned magnetic strip data that Square uses. iZettle has been expanding across northern Europe, with a pilot program launched in the U.K. in May.

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