Twitter And NBC Universal Partner Up To Cover The Olympics

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Twitter is joining forces with NBC Universal to report events from the Olympics. An extensively curated collection of tweets from athletes (and their families), fans, and NBC reporters, will be funnelled onto NBC’s Olympics coverage home page, the Wall Street Journal reports, with Twitter being labelled as the “official narrator” for live Olympic events. A member of Twitter’s tweet herding squad will also join NBC’s social media team. Twitter’s coverage will add to the Olympics content NBC is already collecting via its new deal with Facebook and through another deal with social media discovery engine Shazam. For Twitter, the partnership with NBC will help restake its claim to be the top spot for social media chatter around broadcast TV–a position that was being, some argued, threatened by the NBC-Facebook deal. Also, as the Journal points out, the high-profile event could help Twitter establish a broader following and help it make money through the ad partnerships it has in place.

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