The Thread: What Are Your “Principles of Innovation”?

What do you do to foster innovation in your organization?

The Thread: What Are Your “Principles of Innovation”?

One of the most popular stories on Fast Company this week was published in 2008. Chuck Salter‘s piece, “Marissa Mayer’s 9 Principles of Innovation“, enjoyed a traffic resurgence upon the news of Mayer’s appointment as CEO of Yahoo! 

Even though I’m an editor and Mayer is an engineer, I found Chuck’s interview with Mayer full of useful advice as I attempt to create more opportunites for innovative ideas to sprout and flourish at my organization–for my employees, my colleagues, and myself (“Creativity Loves Constraints”; “Innovation, Not Instant Perfection”; “Share As Much Information As You Can”).

Take a look at Mayer’s remarks. Then share your own “Principles of Innovation”–no matter your industry–in the comments section below.

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Anjali Mullany is the editor of Fast Company Digital.