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Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

Here are the stories you read, shared, tweeted, and pinned this week.

Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

Co.Design reigned supreme this week with a look at the new Microsoft Office, a revamped (which allows you to make and share infographics), and a new website toolkit that finally gets it right. But no one drew more interest than Marissa Mayer—the new CEO of Yahoo, who might have also just done a big favor for Google by quitting. And be sure to take a peek at the Sarah Silverman’s awkwardly irresistible proposition to a Romney supporter (Sheldon Adelson, this gnarly chihuahua could be you).

Marissa Mayer 1. Why Joining Yahoo Is The Best Thing Marissa Mayer Ever Did—For Google
Fast Company

Kit Eaton outlines why Marissa Mayer may inadvertently be helping Google by going over to the competition.

Sports Infographic 3. Infographic: A History Of Every Major Sports Championship Ever

Check out these infographics from Deroy Peraza that document the playoffs for every major sports season to date.

Microsoft Pointers 4. What The New Microsoft Office Gets Wrong

Austin Carr has some advice for Microsoft regarding their upcoming Office 15 release. 5. With Redesign, It's Now Easier Than Ever To Make And Share Cool
Co.Design’s new redesign makes it easier to create and share infographics. Oh, and it's free too.

NASA Logo 6. NASA's Logo Redesigned To Be Truly Out Of This World

Take a peek at what could have been NASA’s new logo.

Jeff Bezos 7. Amazon's Pivot
Fast Company

Adam Penenberg highlights some of Jeff Bezos's greatest pivots of the past decade.

Empty Notebook 8. Why Branding Is An Artifact Of The Past

Brian Millar makes the case for focusing on products and services, not brand building.

Jack Andraka 9. Meet The 15-Year-Old Who Is Changing How We Test For Cancer

Get to know Jack Andraka, the 15-year-old cancer diagnostic revolutionary.

10. The All-In-1 Website Builder We’ve Been Waiting For

Squarespace finally delivers a template for websites that need beautiful content without sacrificing blogging capabilities.

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