Betaworks’ News.Me Team Is Rebuilding An All-New Digg, Launching August 1

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The team at, a mobile news app from NYC tech incubator Betaworks, says we’ll see a completely rebuilt version of Digg on August 1, built out in just six weeks by their team of 10. We already knew Betaworks was going to put the team to work on Digg when it announced it had acquired the social news site two weeks ago. Betaworks said it would adopt a startup like approach to its rebuild efforts, with faster development cycles. What we didn’t expect was to see the team attempt to resurrect the Digg brand. For all the glory Digg claimed in the early Web 2.0 days, the brand has become so muddied that we wonder whether keeping the brand is a smart move. Then again, even winning over a fraction of the old army of fiercly loyal Diggers would be a powerful get for the next version of the site.


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