Good News For Gmail: Google Captures Sparrow

Gmail’s notoriously limited iOS app is about to get some help from the creators of a popular alternative email app called Sparrow. Sparrow’s developers, who also developed a similar email client for Mac, announced on Friday that their company has been acquired by Google.

Sparrow has a more intuitive interface than gmail’s app, allowing users to complete tasks by swiping an email message or to refresh their messages by pulling down. By reducing the number of taps it takes to respond to and archive emails, the app has become known as a good tool for powering through mass amounts of email.

Gmail’s app, meanwhile, has been criticized for not supporting multiple accounts, something that Sparrow has been praised for.

Though the Sparrow team will now be working on new projects with gmail, CEO Dom Leca wrote that Sparrow will remain available with support for users.

The acquisition, though good news for gmail users, is not necessarily good news for diehard Sparrow fans. An iPad app the startup teased earlier this year is now unlikely to materialize, as are any new features for its paid apps.

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