Mayer To Earn $100 Million (And Maybe Much More) From Yahoo Move

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New CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer may be in line for around $100 million in total compensation for her move from Google. She’s due for $1 million in basic salary and up to $2 million in bonuses, but an SEC filing notes that Mayer will also get around $12 million in restricted stock vesting over three years, a $30 million retention award, and an additional $30 million in stock vesting over five years, half of which is performance-related. With a few other perks–including compensation for lost income from her previous employer Google–the figure totals to around $100 million over five years. In comparison Tim Cook, new CEO of Apple, was Silicon Valley’s highest paid boss in 2011 with around $378 million in total awards–Cook, however, absented himself from a potential $75 million dividend payoff earlier this year.


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