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Researchers Stamp Out World's #3 Botnet

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Researchers Stamp Out World's #3 Botnet

A group of security researchers have shut down a giant botnet called Grum that was responsible for generating 17.4 percent of the spam on the planet at the rate of 18 billion spam messages per day. "I am glad to announce that, after three days of effort, the Grum botnet has finally been knocked down," Atif Mushtaq, a researcher at the FireEye security firm, wrote in a blog post. "All the known command and control (CnC) servers are dead, leaving their zombies orphaned."

The first early victories in this battle came on Tuesday when two Dutch servers were shut down. This was followed by the falling of a server in Panama—another big win. The botnet herders recouped though, Mushtaq explains, and fired up six new servers in Ukraine, adding to the one holdout in Russia. Collaborating with Spamhaus and CERT-GIB and a third anonymous researcher, the Ukrainian and Russian servers were brought down yesterday.

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