Mobile Browsers Overtake Desktop Surfers As China’s Internet Population Hits 538 Million

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China and India’s growing connected population has social networks and ecommerce firms world-over vying for a toehold in those online markets. A new report from the China Internet Network Information Center breaks down some of those booming numbers for the first half of this year in China, revealing an 11% growth in the Internet-connected population since last year. As of June, the country has 538 million people connected to the Internet, which is 40% of the population. Interestingly, a big chunk of that traffic is coming from mobile phones–CNNIC reports that 388 million mobile users now have access to the Internet. That number has overtaken the number of desktop users–380 million–for the first time (though, as Jon Russell at TheNextWeb points out, that number would be more telling if it represented PC users as a whole, counting desktop and laptop users).

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