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Yahoo Names Two News Editors In Chief

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Yahoo Names Two News Editors In Chief

Yahoo has promoted two in-house journalists, Hillary Frey and Aaron Task, to newly created editor-in-chief roles. Frey, new editor in chief of Yahoo News, has held the post of managing editor since last year, following her job as Adweek’s managing editor. Task, newly appointed editor in chief of Yahoo Finance, has been with Yahoo since 2008 as a correspondent for the Yahoo Tech Ticker, switching over after a nine-year stint (per his LinkedIn profile) at While not quite as high profile as Yahoo's hire of Google’s Marissa Mayer, the two job changes are consistent with Yahoo's intention to make changes within the organization. ComScore’s review of general news sites in April 2012 had the Yahoo-ABC News Network partnership leading the U.S. general news category with 89.1 million visitors. Yahoo held a conference call to discuss Q2 results yesterday.

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