Return Of The (Larry) King, Now On Hulu

Former CNN talk show host Larry King is settling back into interviewers seat–this time with a show on Hulu and Hulu Plus. Hulu Associate Editor Ben Collins announced in a blog post today that King’s show, Larry King Now, will post 4 episodes a week. In fact, the inaugural episode featuring a chat with Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy and new release Ted) is already up. As we’d heard earlier this year, Hulu is distributing the show in partnership with Ora.TV, funded by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu. Larry King Now is the digital network’s first venture, which it plans to follow with “a full slate of comedy, entertainment and other unscripted shows over the course of next year.” 

In an interview posted on the Hulu blog, King admitted that Hulu “… was a whole new world to me. I don’t think there’s anybody here over 30 years old. Maybe one guy is 32.”

King’s debut on Hulu, after his decades of radio and television talk shows on CNN, comes at an interesting time as online video streamers–Hulu, Netflix, LoveFilm and the like–battle established cable networks for turf and viewership. Increasingly though, they seem to be meeting in the middle: take for example the U.K. cable network BSkyB’s movie and sports streaming service, Now TV, launching this week.

As King describes it, his new Web-only show is just an extension of what he’s been doing for decades: Back in 1980, he says in the Hulu interview, “I started the first cable international talk show, taking phone calls from around the world, on CNN. And now I bring that concept to Hulu.”

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