LG, Samsung Already Embroiled In OLED Espionage

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Although OLED technology hasn’t yet really moved beyond smartphone screens in real-life consumer applications, and OLED TVs remain a pipe dream, LG and Samsung–two of the primary movers in the OLED TV game–are deeply embroiled in a corporate espionage scandal about the tech. On the weekend several LG executives are said to be among 11 people charged with leaking OLED technology from Samsung. Samsung has now demanded LG apologize because it may lose “trillions” of won (billions of dollars) due to the leak. But LG has said it absolutely was not involved and has threatened to sue Samsung over the statement.


Recently LG had said that while it had been behind Samsung in previous-generation display tech, in OLED “we can run far faster than the rival,” and it has separately just been picked by the government to develop OLED screens on flexible, transparent backing in sizes up to 60 inches–for public signage and display advertising purposes. Sony and Panasonic, traditional rivals to both LG and Samsung, recently announced they were forming an OLED TV production partnership.

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