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Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

Catch up on the stories people were clicking, reading, sharing, tweeting, Facebooking, pinning, and more—from the Fast Company network.

Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

How might the world change over the next 40 years? How might Microsoft's logo change in the next two years? Both of those questions and plenty others are answered in this week's most popular posts.

Microsoft On The Moon 1. A Student's Smart Microsoft Rebranding Is Better Than The Real Thing

A 21-year-old design student has done what Microsoft cannot: unite the brand under a unique and uniform design.

Pin 2. 5 Ways Brands Use Pinterest To Authentically Connect
Fast Company

Beth Hayden advises on how to connect with your clients using Pinterest.

Future City 3. 8 Ways The World Will Change By 2052

Jorgen Randers offers an insightful glimpse into the future and how we will respond to debt, energy, and leadership.

Old Spice Man 4. How To Build Positive Marketing Stories That Work

Jonah Sachs will help you craft the perfect story for your brand.

Pattern 5. The Secret Weapon That Almost Every Business Depends On: Taste

John Edson derives design principles for everyone from Apple’s wildly successful products.

Chicks 6. IDEO Launches A Startup Incubator (But Don't Call It An Incubator)

IDEO looks to foster startups by providing funding and advice from some of the top creative minds.

Pop Art 7. A Must-See Tribute To Pop-Art Hero Roy Lichtenstein

Check out some of great Pop Art from Roy Lichtenstein.

Empty Village 8. The Other Disney World: A Creepy, Empty Village

France appears to have a mysterious new Disney-like city with no inhabitants. Slightly creepy...

Headshot 9. What Color Are You? A Pantone-Driven Art Project Goes Beyond Black And White

Angelica Dass is attempting to catalog every human skin color (slides included).

10. What's Holding Back The Facebook Mobile App?

Gabi, a new Facebook app, finally makes Facebooking from your phone a pain-free experience.

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