One Million User IDs Stolen In Android Forums Hack

The Android forums at website Phandroid have been hacked this week, it’s being reported. More than a million user IDs have been compromised, which includes information such as email addresses and passwords and other information–although the passwords were hashed, which should be some small degree of protection. The site believes that this was an attempt at garnering email addresses mainly, so that they can later be spammed or targeted in phishing hacks. It’s advising all users to reset their passwords, and as in any hack where your email address may have been compromised it makes sense to be extra-vigilent for exploits.

Meanwhile the hack of Yahoo Voices, which earlier this week compromised details of some 400,000 users, seems to extend beyond Yahoo and the list of accounts the hackers released included Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and other login credentials.

Separately, graphics hardware maker Nvidia has also revealed that its user forums have also been recently hacked and that an extensive list of user information was acquired by hackers–again including email addresses and hashed password details.

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