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India's Simmtronics Debuts $81 XPad Tablet

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India's Simmtronics Debuts $81 XPad Tablet

The world's cheapest tablet is now commercially available... and only costs $81. On Wednesday, Indian firm Simmtronics announced the launch of their new XPad tablet in Dubai. Retailing for approximately $81, the 7-inch tablet includes a Cortex Arm 8 processor, multi-touch display, and wifi capabilities and runs on Android 4.0. Simmtronics is aiming the tablet towards students; more expensive models offer capabilities such as larger screen size and more stoage. The $81 tablet has only 4GB of storage.

According to Middle Eastern technology site ITP, Simmtronics' Indrajit Sabharwal said that "By launching the XPad in the UAE, we believe in taking the tablet revolution to as many people as possible."

A previous attempt to build a $35 tablet in India, the Aakash, ended in failure.

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