Uber Taste-Tests On-Demand Ice Cream Trucks

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Uber, the mobile app that lets you order private cars on-demand, is getting a little sweeter. Tomorrow, the company is test-driving a mini-fleet of ice cream trucks in seven cities across the country and in Toronto. Uber users, who can already order the service’s cars on their phones, will be able to request an ice cream truck to purchase treats in bundles. (In New York, for example, you can get a five-pack of ice creams from city favorites Van Leeuwen and Cool Haus for $12.) It’s the cherry on top of a great week for Uber: It just won a major victory against the Washington, D.C. City Council that would have required the on-demand service to charge five times the cost of a D.C. taxi by law. It’s also an interesting peek into a world in which Uber can offer customers more than just cars. Which makes us wonder: What else can we Uber?


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