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Amazing Alex, The New Game From Angry Birds Creators, Launches For iOS And Android

Amazing Alex, the second game from Angry Birds maker Rovio, is now out for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Like Angry Birds, the mobile game is based on physics and falling, but in Amazing Alex you don’t break, you build. As the teaser video below shows, the game is about balancing regular objects and creating chain reactions, to help engineering nut Alex get things done in a creative way. As a bonus, users can create and share game levels they make. So far, some users are running into difficulties accessing the iOS Game Center after downloading the game, but Rovio says it is looking into it.

Angry Birds has been very valuable to the Finnish company, due in large part to the franchise it spawned. Earlier this year, for example, Rovio even teamed up with Walmart to hold a scavenger hunt to mark the launch of its newest Angry Birds edition, Angry Birds Space. Together, franchise and game earned Rovio revenues of $98.1 million in 2011, with 648 million game downloads (in 2011 alone), and this Christmas is releasing an Angry Birds Trilogy edition for gaming consoles including the Xbox, PS3, and Nintendo 3DS. The company is growing, and is hinting at going public in 2013.

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