Get Paid For Pinning Products–But Not On Pinterest

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Why doesn’t Pinterest have an affiliate program that pays out whenever someone buys a product that you pin on the site? The idea is so obvious that two Pinterest-like competitors have already begun doing just that. The latest is social photo-sharing site The Fancy. After launching its social commerce platform in May, which allows you to purchase items in addition to “fancying” them, it is now opening a referral program. Each time you “fancy” a product, you’ll get a unique referral code to share with friends. If your friends end up purchasing the items you share, you’ll get a 2% cut of the sales.


Earlier this month we reported on a similar referral program from Wisemarkit. But even if you combined the user base of Wisemarkit and The Fancy it would be dwarfed by Pinterest’s more than 20 million users.

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