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Rakuten Adds "Pin It" Buttons To Websites

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Rakuten Adds "Pin It" Buttons To Websites

Japanese online megastore and Pinterest backer Rakuten has begun adding "Pin It" buttons to its web stores. To Rakuten’s benefit, the addition could cut out a few crucial steps between "pinners" and "buyers," while helping Pinterest grow on international shores. As TheNextWeb points out, this is the first time the two companies have combined their services since Rakuten topped off Pinterest’s last funding round with a tidy $100 million.

Online stores have been watching Pinterest’s virally growing, free-spending user base, and its success at surpassing scrapbook status to drive sales has begun to spawn lookalikes (like the newly launched Wisemarkit) optimized to tap its wallet-loosening quality. Meanwhile, Pinterest itself has been pushing to grow its users internationally—after putting out a call for translators, its first three foreign language sites (Iberian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese) are up and running.

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