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Apple Scores Patent Points Against Samsung, Loses Some With HTC

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Apple won a tidy victory in a California court last week when a judge approved an injunction to ban the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets in the U.S. Samsung filed an appeal of the ban within hours, but the same judge has now rejected Samsung's request to reconsider her decision on the tablet case, Reuters reports, and the ban stays. Later in the week, the judge also approved a ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone.

Though it is presently winning points against Samsung, Apple continues to face challenges in its broader patent fights. In another case, this time against Taiwan phone maker HTC, another judge has shot down Apple's request for an emergency ban on the import of HTC smartphones including the premium One X and EVO 4G LTE. Apple claimed HTC continues to violate a patent, but the court thought otherwise, Bloomberg reports.

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