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Thank Your Smartphone For The Extra 365 Work Hours You Log Per Year

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We already know Americans work a lot. Now, a new Good Technology study puts a precise number on all those phone calls and emails you log after hours: 365. That's how many overtime hours the average American works a year, though it may feel less like work when you're checking your email at the dinner table, in bed, or on vacation, as many of the 1,000 participants reported. The study also found that the average American starts checking emails at 7:09 a.m., and 69% of us won't go to sleep without checking our work email. Depressing as it sounds, the widespread adoption of mobile devices for work means workers have more choice over when and where they do that work, which means you might be able to spend less time in the office. But it also means you might be falling asleep clutching your iPhone.

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