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A Facebook "Want" Button Could Be On The Way

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A Facebook "Want" Button Could Be On The Way

Via Inside Facebook: Facebook is reportedly experimenting with a new "Want" button that would act similarly to its popular "Like" feature. Third-party Open Graph developers have already created similar features, but a native button means Facebook users wouldn't have to authorize a third-party app to click away at products they desire. If implemented, the addition of a "Want" button could provide a powerful distinction between people who "Like" a product—a vague action that doesn't necessarily indicate a desire to purchase—and people who are actually likely to make purchases. The massive trove of resulting data could prove very valuable to advertisers and e-commerce businesses looking to better target consumers. (We've asked Facebook for confirmation and more information and will report if we hear back.)

Update: A Facebook spokesperson would only confirm they're testing new Platform features and have nothing to announce at this time.

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