RIP PC Extended Edition: The Tablet Takes Over

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The success of the tablet, and the pace at which it has innovated, has put the PC in peril. A new study from Monetate group takes a close look at how tablets have changed the habits of web shoppers. 


First off, PC visits are sliding. Today, 88 percent of website visits are made on are PCs–last quarter, that was 92 percent. At this rate, Monetate anticipates PC website traffic will drop to below 75 percent one year from now. 

Meanwhile, website traffic from smartphones and tablets has been shooting up. Since last year: traffic from tablet devices increased 348 percent, while visits from smartphone users increased 117 percent. Today, 6 percent of all website access comes from tablets, and as of last quarter 95 percent of those tablets were iPads.

In such numbers, websites can no longer risk having a website that is difficult for visitors on tablets to navigate. Optimizing to be “swipe friendly,” using larger navigation, and adding the right buttons that lets tablet users flip through can make a big difference, Monetate recommends. 

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