RIM Cuts 5,000 Extra Staff After Reporting Loss, Microsoft Tie-Up Possible

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After posting an adjusted net loss of $192 million, its first net loss in eight years on revenues of $2.8 billion for the first quarter, smartphone giant RIM is said to be facing enormous pressure. According to Reuters, the board is being squeezed to consider more radical ways to turn its ailing business around, and this may even include abandoning its own BlackBerry operating system and adopting a rival OS such as Windows. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has apparently approached RIM recently, looking for a similar deal to the one Nokia has struck in its own survival attempt. Meanwhile BlackBerry 10, RIM’s next-gen operating system, has been delayed until 2013 from late this year, and an additional 5,000 staff will be let go–on top of previously announced layoffs.


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