With 310M Active Users, Google Chrome Is Coming To iPad, iPhone

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In March and again in May, Google Chrome briefly surpassed Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to become the world’s most popular browser. While metrics vary as to which browser is truly the market leader, Google is indisputably nearing the top position if it’s not already No. 1: As the company announced today, the Chrome browser now boasts 310 million active users.


The milestone is remarkable given Google’s relatively short history in the space. While Microsoft has been battling in the browser wars for decades–and Mozilla for years as well–Google only joined the fight in late 2008, but quickly skyrocketed in popularity. And the company is looking to increase its browser’s presence: Not only has the company pushed the platform on its Android and ChromeOS devices, but it unveiled today that the browser would be coming to iPhones and iPads too.

Later today, Google Chrome will supposedly appear in Apple’s App Store, giving Apple’s Safari browser some much-needed competition. Apple has long lagged behind other browsers in the PC space, but thanks to the dominance of its smartphones and tablets, Safari has become the market leader in mobile browser share. Perhaps that could change with Chrome sneaking into iOS users’ homescreens.

In addition to the iOS version of Chrome, Google announced this week that Chrome for Android would be coming out of beta, and also showed off some new features of its Chromebooks, which have the browser at its core.  

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