Supreme Court Rules On Obamacare, Explodes Twitter

The U.S. Supreme Court announced their decision to uphold the main points of President Obama’s health care proposal. If you decided to follow the healthcare ruling on television, you missed the party that was exploding on Twitter at hashtags #SCOTUS, #Healthcare, #Chief Justice Roberts, #Medicaid, and several more. 

The Supreme Court set up a live blog to cover the announcement and analyze the decision, featuring “4 web servers, 5 bloggers 2 tech teams” and “$25k for 20 minutes.” After the decision was made public, the blogging team also live tweeted sections of the ruling.

Reporters at the Supreme Court live-tweeted developments, but rapid reporting got a bit out of hand. Seconds after the ruling went live CNN and Fox both reported, incorrectly, that the mandate had been struck down, and Twitter jumped to draw a comparison to the infamous “Dewey Defeats Truman” error that the Chicago Daily Tribune made in 1948. CNN quickly corrected its website to reflect the error, but not before a few hundred Twitter users grabbed screenshots of the flub. (AP later asked its reporters stop poking jibes at news outlets that got the news wrong.) 

Amidst this chaos, Twitter’s merry band of snarksters tweeted on, meming chief justices and mock-covering the ruling as if at an Apple event

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