The New York Times And Flipboard Partner For Paid Access

Starting Thursday, subscribers to the The New York Times will be able to flip through the full paper via the Flipboard social reader on an iPad.

Flipboard plugs into content streams of all kinds, from Twitter lists to RSS feeds to free material straight from a raft of publisher partners including Fast Company, but this is the first-time they have offered premium paid content. And the partnership kicks off a new strategy for the Times dubbed “NYT Everywhere”–a plan to bring the Times, originally accessibly only via its own mobile app, to a wider digital readership via third-party platforms. In other words, Flipboard is just the beginning.

Flipboard’s intuitive and addictive user interface, designed by Marcos Weskamp (#42 on our Most Creative People list), has been picking up new allies lately. The recent addition of audio from SoundCloud and NPR, video from YouTube, sharing via Google+, and finally launching for all of Android last week likely make it the dominant player among iPad’s many social news readers.

Update 11:45 a.m. EST: Ad Age reports that other publishers are responding to Flipboard’s effective but free reach in a different way. Conde Nast has decided to pare down the amount of content from Wired and the New Yorker that it funnels into Flipboard’s streams, prodding readers to click through to their website to read full stories. Their view, shared by others in the publishing world it seems, is that Flipboard seems to be a little too good at what it does: though its content may reach a wide audience, those readers prefer not to leave the app at all for the content providers’ web pages. “… the question is, is it too beautiful?” a publishing executive told Ad Age.

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