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Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

This week Microsoft did their best Apple impression and released a tablet to a media with bated breath. It was a great success and apparently left you hungry for more design this week. We delivered with the NBA’s missile tracking cameras, Ford’s keyless iPhone app, and a new piece of tech that can "print" you a tangible, edible burrito.

Lebron Durant 1. Moneyball 2.0: How Missile Tracking Cameras Are Remaking The NBA

Mark Wilson brings you a whole new look at the NBA.

Extraordinary Women 2. Meet The League Of Extraordinary Women: 60 Influencers Who Are Changing The World
Fast Company

Take a look at the women who are changing the world for the better.

Cells 3. Branding Talk Isn't Helping Your Company. Here's What Should Replace It

Branding talk not working for you? Brian Millar says you should zip it up, and zip it out.

Trailer Airbnb 4. My Airbnb Biz Got Me Evicted, Here's What I Learned
Fast Company

Chris Dannen shares his lessons learned from his Airbnb saga.

Ford Key 5. Ford Schools Apple With Clever Phone Login App... Wait, What?

Ford out innovates Apple in the App game?

Burrito Printer 6. Burritobot: A 3-D Printer That Spits Out Burritos

Print me a burrito please!

3 in a row 7. A Project Management Tool Built By The Country's Best Design Firms

This artefact is neither old, nor outdated.

Kid Playing 8. Ad Industry: Here's Why Your Best Talent Is Leaving And What You Can Do About It

Christine Champagne shares how agencies can create a more positive culture for top talent.

Microsoft Tablet 9. The Best Of Microsoft's Surface: Two Tablets, Full-Sized Keyboard, Stylus, No Price Yet [Video]
Fast Company

Microsoft released a tablet to shake up the market completely dominated by Apple. It looks great, but can it contend with the iPad?

Edible Packaging 10. How Colorado Springs Became The Heart Of The U.S. Olympic Movement

Edible packaging is closer than you may have thought.

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