Nintendo Super-Sizes The 3DS Game Console

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Nintendo has been trying to expand the market for its 3DS handheld game system, and now they have done so quite literally–by increasing the size of the device. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has revealed that the existing game console will be joined by a 3DS LL (XL in the U.S.) which has a larger 4.88-inch top screen alongside a 4.18-inch bottom touch screen. That’s about an inch larger than the existing machine’s display, and compares to leading-edge Android smartphones and even Samsung’s monster 5-inch Galaxy Note. It’s also a little bigger than the rumored 4-inch iPhone for 2012. These smartphone devices have transformed the handheld gaming market, and threaten Nintendo’s future in this particular game. The 3DS XL will arrive in America on August 19th for $200.


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