Kickstarter Launches A New Live Stats Page So Anyone Can Track Projects’ Funding

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Kickstarter launched a live statistics page today on which anyone can view all kind of data behind both successful and unsuccessful projects across the different categories, cofounder Yancey Strickler wrote in a blog post. In addition to the usual Kickstarter facts, such as how much money backers have contributed to projects ($261 million to date), you can now also access stats such as how many projects have failed to reach their funding goal (31,722, of 60,786 total) and how many have never even raised a cent (more than 7,000). Last month, Kickstarter garnered some media scrutiny for actively preventing failed projects from being indexed by search engines, which Strickler later told TechCrunch was a practical move, as “it would expose the creators of unsuccessfully funded projects to unnecessary criticism from the web.”


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