European Trade Committee Rejects ACTA

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The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which has been compared to the SOPA proposed in the U.S., was shot down 19 to 12 when to put to vote at a European trade regulatory body, INTA, today. The ACTA has already been rejected by the Industry Committee, the Civil Liberties Committee and the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament in late May. The ACTA could be on its way out after this crucial vote, as it is the INTA that advises the European Parliament before the agreement is put up for a wider vote, in July. Failing this, the agreement will be abandoned. ACTA currently has the backing of 22 EU members. Like the SOPA, the ACTA seeks to curb the spread of copyrighted material online, but has been criticized for overreaching, posing a threat to freedom of expression web-wide.

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