Tumblr Revamps iOS App In Push For Mobile Blogging

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Tumblr’s CEO David Karp promised last week that a newly refreshed iOS app was en route, and it’s just gone live. The 3.0.0 app has had a very significant overhaul, with integration of clever gestures and tap access designed to make it even easier to blog from a mobile device like the iPhone or iPad, and there’s support for higher-resolution images (is this the retina display effect?) and Spotify. Perhaps most significantly there’s now support for offline blog creation, letting bloggers put together the elements for a new Tumblog post while not sipping wireless data, and then pushing it live when they’re on a network again. Tags have also seen a big change, with the ability to search via tags on mobile leading to “massively increased” levels of blog discovery, according to The Next Web. Tumblr has seen massive growth over the last year, with great spurts recently since its implementation of Facebook‘s Social Graph in April–a 2.5 times growth in the month immediately after. It’s in a battle for the future of publication with WordPress and its ilk, and perhaps also with Facebook which is still strengthening its mobile strategy.


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