Motorola And Microsoft Tangle Over Smartphone Patent Violation

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Microsoft is reported by Reuters to have dismissed a settlement offer from Motorola over a dispute that may yet see importation bans on some Android devices and Microsoft’s best-selling Xbox game console. Motorola is pursuing the case because it says Microsoft owes it royalties relating to patent infringements in both video and wireless tech used in the Xbox and Windows itself. MS has been pursuing manufacturers of Android devices because it says Android directly infringes patents relating to syncing the devices, which is right at the core of the mobile OS. MS has unusually not taken Google itself–which designs Android–to task, instead seeking lucrative licensing offers from Google’s manufacturer partners. Motorola, as one of this list, has so far refused to pay out. But Motorola Mobility has been bought by Google, which brings the fight to its peak. And this week MS revealed its own efforts to rival Android in both the tablet and smartphone space.


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