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Amazon Appstore To Open For Sales In Europe This Year

As expected, apps on Amazon's Appstore are going global. Amazon announced today that the company will allow app makers across the world to submit apps for distribution outside the U.S., starting in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain, with "plans for further global expansion in the near future." Most apps on Amazon's app store are designed for the Kindle Fire, and it's likely an expansion in sales of the device will follow soon. Since April this year, Amazon has allowed developers to set up in-app purchasing, matching the monetization service that the Android and iOS app stores already offered their developers. Exisiting Amazon developers will have their apps sold internationally by default, but have the option of selecting to sell in certain countries. At the WWDC event in early June, Apple announced its intention to expand the international reach of its App Store. With yesterday's local currency announcement, Facebook is also wising up to the possibility of monetizing its global reach. 

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