Google+ API Expanding, Flipboard Integration Coming Soon

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Google’s Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product Management, has just announced at the LeWeb conference that it has partnered with Flipboard and that Google+ streams will soon be appearing in the app alongside familiar feeds from Facebook and Twitter. Horowitz revealed the news as part of a bigger reveal about Google+’s API, which is opening up properly for the first time, and which could transform how Google+ is used online. Google has faced some criticism until now that its API is restrictive, and while it integrates with other services like Twitter, it’s only possible to send data out from G+ not into it–forcing active social networkers to directly login to the site if they want to engage with it. More interlinks are coming, Horowitz says, when it’s “good for users and safe.” The moves to link G+ to other online properties are an attempt to drive interest in Google’s social web.


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