Fab Buys Llustre, Comes To The UK

Meet Fab’s Bradford Shellhammer, Innovation Agent.

Fab, the design-based social commerce site, announced today that it’s headed to the UK after snapping up British site Llustre. The acquisition comes just one year after Fab launched, and it’s the third company Fab has absorbed, following the acquisition of Fashionstake, which inaugurated its apparel vertical in January, and Casacanda in Germany, which launched the company’s European operations in February.

As evidence of how quickly this new social-commerce industry is moving (and perhaps also why it pays to be a copy cat in a desirable geography), Llustre only opened its virtual doors in April. According to Fab, membership and orders on the site have tripled in the past five weeks. Fab is now relaunching Llustre as Fab UK. The company also says its European operations team has grown from 30 to 85 people in the last four months, and its membership there now tops 1 million. The company says it expects Europe to account for 20% of its sales in 2012.

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