Facebook Launches Its Olympics Offensive

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As the London 2012 Olympic games approach, Facebook has made a big play to capitalize on the PR opportunities and has launched its official Page for the games as a frontpiece to the sports, countries, and athletes taking part. It’s pushing the message by suggesting that users “like these Pages to get the latest from inside the games.” At the time of the last Olympics, Facebook’s membership was surging past 100 million users but recently, and perhaps controversially it’s said its membership is around 900 million people around the world. That’s an indication of how much higher the Olympic stakes are this time around, just at the same time its rival Twitter is making its own play for tighter sports integration with deals like the NASCAR coverage one. Facebook may have to tread carefully, however, as the heavily branded and controlled event in London may not permit certain types of information to be shared by athletes or spectators over social networks.


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