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Tablet News Expected At Microsoft's Monday Event

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Tablet News Expected At Microsoft's Monday Event

Microsoft is holding an event in Los Angeles on Monday, June 18. Microsoft has made no mention of what the event will be about, but a few outlets have insider tips that a tablet of some kind—a Microsoft-manufactured iPad challenger or a Kindle Fire competitor (remember that deal Microsoft made with Barnes & Noble earlier this year?)—is on the way. It's not just the iPad and Kindle Fire that Microsoft will be joining, as there have also been rumors that an Android-flavored Google tablet made by ASUS will be ready for Google's I/O show in late June.

Microsoft has been testing Windows RT, a version of its Windows 8 OS for ARM processors in tablets. A new tablet will fit well with another other new product, SmartGlass, which Microsoft announced recently at E3, designed to seamlessly connect its computers and gaming platforms with smartphones and tablets. 

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