Twitter Curates Its News Feed More With Location-Tailored Trends

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Twitter has announced Tailored Trends will become part of its service, rolling out slowly across the world right now. The idea is to capture “emerging topics people are talking about on Twitter” in a sequence that is now based on where users are located–after all, an emerging trend talking about a tornado warning in the U.S. is irrelevant for folks in the U.K., although users can turn off the location aspect and can, if curious, select locations to see the tailored trends elsewhere. Though it’s a subtle adjustment, it’s possible it may have a significant effect on the informational value of Twitter as a feed of relevant news for its users and is another step in the future battle for news and sharing against Facebook and Google. Twitter has been making a number of moves recently to promote its usefulness, including a deal with NASCAR and assembling a roster of interested parties in NBA to comment on basketball games through the finals.


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