Lenovo Goes It Alone With Own-Brand Laptop Broadband in EU, U.S.

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Lenovo, purveyor of high-end business laptops, has revealed a somewhat unusual move: It’s launching its own-branded mobile broadband service in the U.S. and seven European nations, reliant on a single SIM card inside it’s compatible laptops and tech from Texas-based Macheen. The service is priced at a cheap entry cost, with no contract, of just $2 for 30 minutes and 30MB, with a capped $9 a day fee and rising to $80 for more data. Targeted at business users who sometimes face exhorbitant Net access fees in hotels or steep data-roaming bills, it’s a little more like Amazon’s Whispernet than an MVNO. In some ways it’s also similar to a plan Steve Jobs had long been rumored to have in his imagination as a way to avoid cell phone network monopolies, and prototype MacBooks with built-in 3G have been seen. With WWDC this week, recent rumors on this matter have swirled around an Apple patent.


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